Psychosis is a treatable condition and the earlier intervention is started the better

What is Early Intervention (EI)?

Early Intervention for psychosis are services that aim to help young people when they experience psychosis for the first time.

Early intervention teams  aim to work collaboratively with clients and families to ensure they receive the best possible 'treatment'  which can include:

- Help to understand what psychosis is
- How to recognise when things are not going so well
- What to do if you start to become unwell
- Providing support as you need it
- Information about what you can do to support recovery and stay well
- Accessing other services that may be beneficial, eg: assistance with drug and alcohol issues, cultural support
- Assisting you to participate in groups or activities that can enhance your wellness and recovery
- Helping you to set and achieve goals (i.e. returning to work; getting into study; returning ti past past interests and finding new ones; sustaining a healthy lifestyle).

Why is Early Intervention beneficial?

- Faster and more complete recovery
- Less disruption to daily activities and long term goals
- Less disruption to family and social relationships
- Less likelihood of relapse and hospitalisation
- To maintain your own identity

Who might I see?

Team members may include:
-Mental health social workers
-Mental health nurses
-Occupational therapists

Taking the time to talk:

We know it can be tough to ask for help, but many people find it useful talking about their experiences and realising they’re not alone. EI team members are able to listen to you, and will have skills in helping you understand what you are going through and what you can do when experiencing distress.  Many people  with psychosis find it useful to work with a psychologist.


EI teams often run a variety of groups throughout the year. These might focus on:
- Social interaction
- Sports activities
- Work and study goals
- Healthy living
- Family support



Medication can be an important part of recovery from psychosis. In Early Intervention our approach to medication includes being collaborative in any decisions about medication. This includes discussions with you and your support people about the reasons for medication and options to meet this need.

We seek to use the lowest effective doses, and aim to reduce any negative side effects.



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